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Relive the 4th generation classic for free

Pokemon: Platinum is a free-to-play adventure from the classic Pokemon franchise. Created by cpp entertainmentco for mobile devices, this mobile port brings all of the content from the 2008 Nintendo release. Aside from the game's single-player content fans have loved, it also allows you to battle with players from all over the world, thanks to its multiplayer capabilities. 

With authentic retro graphics, the same chiptune music, and an online global server, Pokemon: Platinum is the perfect excuse to revisit the Pokemon franchise anytime, anywhere. Also, check out Pokemon: Emerald and Pokemon: X for other generations of the hit monster-collecting game.

Be a Pokemon Master once more

Like most Pokemon games, Pokemon: Platinum lets you guide an upstart “trainer” who collects and trains pocket monsters (Pokemon) scattered across the land. You prove your worth by collecting gym badges and participating in a tournament to be a Pokemon Master. However, this version is an upgrade of its fourth-generation contemporaries Diamond and Pearl, featuring a combination of both plus a different monster and a new location.

As a mobile port, you can expect 100% of the original game to be available to you, with no changes whatsoever apart from the controls being remapped for a touchscreen-based interface. It is played in portrait, with your device looking like an emulated version of the game. The controller and the game share halves of the screen, adding to the authenticity of the experience.

Lastly, it has a multiplayer capability that is definitely easier to connect to compared to the Nintendo DS where the original was released. However, this is an open, unregulated space, there are no restrictions on the skill level or the lineup of Pokemon you will face. More importantly, cheaters can freely join the matchmaking servers. Other than fighting, these servers can be used to trade Pokemon.

A straightforward mobile port

At its core, Pokemon: Platinum is a faithful recreation of the original Nintendo game for mobile devices. Of course, there are changes in the experience although the content is perfectly remade for this version. Visually, mobile users with smaller screens might be pressed for more space since the controller and the display share the singular touchscreen. Also, its multiplayer server is open and free, although it also risks cheaters.


  • Controls remapped for touchscreens
  • Retains the graphics and music


  • Portrait mode gameplay makes game display smaller
  • Unfiltered multiplayer capabilities

Program available in other languages

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